Episode #2 – Buying Services

Lead to Order Part 1:  How to get the most out of your Systems Integrator

Listen to Episodes 2 & 3 here.

You can find the Playbook for these episodes here.

In this Episode we talk about how to run an effective sales process with an SI. What you should ask, what you should look for and how to get the most out of your partner both commercially and practically.

Lightening & Recommendations Round:

Start Your Day
  • Andrea – Workout (knowing her, some kind of mini marathon or 5 mile ocean swim) followed by green smoothie, coffee and shower.
  • Lori A – Quiet time reading or meditation on the patio, workout in the home gym, make sure the teenagers are awake, coffee on the way home from taking them to school. She makes a point of asking herself:  “What can I do to be useful today?”
  • Maryam – Check the phone / email before getting out of bed(sigh… work to do here…), Get lunches ready for school, School Drop Off, Gym. She is thankful she is on the east coast and has time to do all this before the rest of the country wakes up.
  • Lori W- Coffee, 10-15 minutes Headspace app and prep for the day complete with a list of priorities, followed by Morning Joe (she’s a Mika fan – no apologies) and news on her ipad. She workout at night so she won’t fall off the treadmill, but longs to be a morning person.
Book Recommendations
  • Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Duma – Maryam loves this book authored by an Iranian woman who has moved to the US.  She identifies with the challenge and humor of explaining Iranian customs to Americans.
  • Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie & Mindful Work by David Gellis – LoriA thinks these are great resources if you want to jumpstart a meditation practice or just be more focused at work. (Note: the other 3 of us think her podcast on mindfulness is a great place to start!)
  • Extreme Ownership – Jocko Wilink & Roar by Stacy Sims- As you may have noticed, Andrea is our extreme athlete and likes to push herself. She likes these books because of their focus on applying military leadership to business and female nutrition for athletes (respectively).
  • The Twitters, Periodicals, and Research documents – LoriW has become slightly obsessed with the political process and reads anything she can to help her make sense of things – and get to the facts.  She also strongly endorses Schoolhouse Rock for the country’s politicians and wants you to know she reads actual books often. A recent favorite is Ann Lamott’s new book – Hallelujah Anyway.