Episode# 3- Buying Services Pt 2

Lead to Order part 2
Buying from an SI: The Delivery Perspective

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You can find the Playbook for this episode here.

What do you wish your customers asked before they bought?
What is the biggest impediment to incorporating external consultants?
What should you ask in the sales process?
Fixed Fee or T&M?
What should you look for in your contract?

Lightening Round & Recommendations:

Podcast Recommendations
High Performance Day
  • Andrea- For a race day she will eat 2-3 hours before and then do some visualization.
  • LoriA – Not a creature of habit, but firmly believes in lists to help you feel prepared and to help keep focused during intense work days.
  • Maryam – Working hard to take the nervousness out of “big” days by building confidence and a routine that makes things feel normal.
  • LoriW – Quiet time to focus on what needs to happen and what needs to be communicated, written lists to help with memory and when possible an appropriate musical playlist – when she knows you better she might share some of her embarrassing choices…..