Intro to the RTRL Podcast

Welcome to the Real Tech Real Life Podcast!

This all started during a girls weekend at the Lake Austin Spa in January.  The four of us had worked together for almost a decade and were celebrating a big event in the company we worked for.  But during our talks that weekend two things became clear – all four of us had very different backgrounds personally (and to some degree professionally), but we had a lot in common in what we thought and cared about and we had some pretty great conversations.

Our plan is to publish a podcast every 1-2 weeks.  As you can tell from the first set of podcasts we met each other at a Systems Integration company and all have deep experience in the technology industry so naturally gravitate there to get our sea(pod?) legs. Since it is something we all have in common we’ve started with a series on the Lifecycles of a Professional Services firm,  but going forward each podcast will be ~40 minutes and will cover a variety of topics like technology, business, entertainment, politics, family, travel, food. We also plan to have some interviews along the way.

Please comment, send us an email or tweet us your feedback, questions and suggestions for new topics and subscribe on iTunes.  We hope people will listen and subscribe, but if they don’t that’s ok too. This whole project has been rewarding in ways none of us expected!

Disclaimer: All the words, thoughts and opinions are our own – not any past, present – or future –  employers. Blame us, not them!!