Episode #6 – Scoping

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A fun and hopefully insightful discussion about how to think about and approach scoping software implementation and development projects!

Lightening Round & Recommendations:

Documentaries / Movies

  • Lori A – Young At Heart – A 2009 documentary based on a group of seniors (average age 81) that sing classic and current rock covers. Sweet and sad with good music.
  • Andrea –  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. She laughed so hard her son told her to be quiet.
  • LoriW – Gleeson – Documentary about a New Orleans Saint football player who filmed his life from the time he finds out he has ALS as the diseases’ journey parallel the like of his newborn son. Equal parts informational, sad, funny – and inspiring.
  • Maryam – Lion– A boy from India that gets lost from his village and ends up adopted in Australia. Though he doesn’t even know the name of his home village the story takes us through his effort to find his original family.